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Automated Greenhouse Power Control with a Raspberry Pi

This can really control anything that requires turning on and off power. I am using it to turn on a heater and a fan based on the room temperature for better temperature and air circulation control. It would be excellent for opening a greenhouse vent based on the temperature in the room. I plan to hook it up to a humidifier or dehumidifier for vegetable storage later in the year. There are numerous applications this could be used for, I am sure I haven’t thought of them all. It is also a fun project to put together and convenient to have…

Automation: Greenhouse Temperature Email Updates

After I created a temperature logger for my garden room (which would work well for a greenhouse also), I usually checked the temperature on my phone before I got out of bed in the morning…

Gardening, Temperature Logging, and a Raspberry Pi

The reason I wanted a Raspberry Pi initially was to log temperature. My small garden room has such varying temperatures that my heat mat thermostat can’t keep my seedling warming mat at a stable temperature. In the evenings the temperatures get low and when the sun is shining it is very warm. I needed to get a handle on what the temperature is in the room so that I can stabilize it…

Automating Gardening with a Raspberry Pi

I want to use sensors to automate some of my gardening work. There are a lot of items available for purchase that can be used for gardening automation. I want to be frugal with my automation and putting together a Raspberry Pi seems fun…

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